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This site is owned by David North, 79 Palmer Street, Doncaster, DN4  5DB,UK.

You can contact me on +44 (0)7964 199 930

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The author and publisher of this work have over 42 years’ experience in magic and have made every effort to produce an accurate and useful guide to magical practice.  It is quite likely that  the authorities where you live do not believe in magic (for example - recent amendments to UK law mean that this product is offered for entertainment value only and no magical results can be guaranteed) and therefore it is necessary to state:  This guide is produced to the best of the ability of the author.  Magical practice is necessarily experimental, so results cannot be guaranteed. You must satisfy yourself as to the legality and safety of any practical work you undertake.  See also Skeptics/Authorities.

Clearly, this means the information in all our publication is provided for interest only, and you must make up your own mind as to the best course of action to take in your own life.  I cannot be responsible for you.

As much spell casting uses candles, incense, and other hot materials, please make sure you take adequate fire precautions.  We want you to come back and buy our other products, not lie in a hospital bed with severe burns.

Magicians are often portrayed with cowled robes and flowing sleeves etc.  Whilst this can look really impressive, remember FIRE will destroy any cool you have if you wave those sleeves too near the candles or joss sticks. You know what I'm trying to say here.  Modern legislation practically requires me to remind you to keep breathing whilst performing magic  Be careful.  Be safe.



As someone who has been involved in magic for more than 40 years now, I know the value of privacy.  I respect yours, and will not sell, or pass on any information you give me.


About Us

Castrealspells.com was set up to let people in on a well guarded secret - how to actually do practical magic.   The manual offered here is an essential introduction to the practical side of casting spells and getting what you want.  It is not intended to cover the spiritual side of life.  David, who wrote it, started his magical training in 1970 and has a tremendous amount of experience in several different schools of magic.

Around that time, there had been a revival in the publishing world, and magic was a hot topic.  Over the next few years a lot of previously difficult to obtain material hit the bookshops (if you knew where to look), and access to a wide variety of magical paths became a realistic possibility for the first time in a great many years.

It soon became obvious that despite the many and varied theories about what was going on when you were casting a spell, the practical methods were very similar.  In short, there is a mental knack which underlies practical magic, and access to this key allows you to make spells from most paths work for you.

David acknowledges that there are valid spiritual paths which use magical technique (indeed, some are founded on magic pure and simple) but has kept to the practical aspects of the art here so that the reader can gain practical skills without having to change their spiritual commitments.

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