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Cast Real Spells

The Secret of Practical Magic

If you're having less than 90% success in casting your spells, then read on....…   because I believe when you first started reading about magic it was because you wanted to make it work.  

In just a few minutes from now, you can have everything you need to increase your success rate, and if you've never had anything work at all, you'll know just where you're going wrong.

But first ask yourself “Why has magical knowledge always been kept so secret?  Why have authorities around the world sought to suppress this secret knowledge when it looked like it was getting a toe hold?  Why are more and more laws being passed devaluing what can be claimed or sold?”  For example, to comply with modern law, I have to tell you “....that everything I'm saying here is for entertainment and curiosity value only and that no claims are being made that you can actually do magic.”  Huh?

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Why do modern day “rationalists”, who insist on such laws, quake in their boots when they hear the word “magic”?  Why do they sneer and strike out trying to get everything they don't understand banned?  Historically, when people with one world view pass laws against other points of view, it's because they're afraid of something.  Think of medieval  organized religion (or modern organized religion in some countries) killing anyone who disagreed with them.

Clearly something important is going on here.

It's easy to see that in the distant past people who knew how to make things happen would want to keep the secret to themselves.  After all, they were in positions of power and influence.  They were the priests and top businessmen of their day – think of ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt.  But today, the bookshelves are groaning with titles that say they can tell you how to work magic.

If they were all to be believed, we would be a nation of wonder workers.

How come you can read book after book and still not be told the secret? Is it perhaps, that they want to keep the secret just that – secret?  Or, is it that they don't know themselves and only have a hit and miss success rate?

Secret One: The real secret of how to work practical magic IS out there.

Despite the many books appearing on magic, you won't see the real secret of practical, life changing magic, in many of them – but it is in some.  It's often presented as a minor method, and the full significance not revealed, even in the books that do contain it.

If, like me you're fed up with this state of affairs, and want to learn how to make magic work well for you, read on.  Let me tell you another of the greatest secrets of real practical magic – magic that gets you what you want.

Secret Two:  The spell you use doesn't really matter.

Of course, most authors tell you otherwise, laying down all sorts of (usually unnecessary) rules on how you have to do things.  How to dress, what rituals you need, what to say, when to say it, and so on.  Some describe absurd conditions, or tell you to undergo years of training before you can do anything.  Others make promises of instant success.  “Say this spell and you'll get what you want – nothing else needed.”

Common sense (and, magical tradition) says there must be a middle way between these extremes.

Even online, things aren't much better.

In the last few years I've read a lot of online offers on magic and found them almost universally disappointing.    They all seem to promise a secret formula that will end all your problems, or to be heirs to a secret family tradition that's so much better than anyone else's method of casting spells.

You may have seen the ads yourself, you know, the  “....not $3000, not $99, but today only $39,” kind of thing.  When you get a look at them, they seem to be what I would call “recipe books.”  Collections of spells they say are the real thing.  But the truth is, there is no “real thing” because the only real secret to doing practical magic is:

Secret Three:  There is a mental “knack” to doing magic.

Once you've got this (it takes a bit of practice, but nothing like as much as you might think), then you can take spells from anywhere you fancy and make them work, or just use your own.

So those “recipe books” may not be a complete waste of time.....

..although you won't need them once you've cracked it.  You'll know just what to do to  get what you want in life.

Secret four: How to get the “knack” of making real practical spells work.

You could start out, as I did in 1970, reading everything that was out there on magic, and trying things out.  Magical trial and error.  And, like me, you could spent a lot of time walking down blind alleys.  In truth trying to learn this way would be a lot harder for you now than it was for me then, because there's so much more out there these days to plough through and confuse anyone searching for the truth.

So what I've done to help, is to put together seven lessons with the essentials you need to know to get a good grounding on how to work practical magic, and how to use it to get what you want.

These have now been edited together into a single manual, so that everything you need is in one, easy to read and use, manual. You'll learn:

All of this is in my book “How to Cast Real Spells”. Click here to look inside

 And there's much more.....

The manual also covers some basic magical skills:

BUT only what is necessary to get things to work so that you succeed in what you want as quickly and easily as is humanly possible

Now, when I first put this together I went on line and looked to see if you could get the same information elsewhere.  I found:

Add it all up and THAT'S  A MASSIVE $518.95 for just a fraction of what you're getting here!!!!!

With the information in this manual you can use magic to help in any area of your life  -

Here's just one example,  I was approached by John, from the UK.  He was living in a rough neighbourhood at the time and had the neighbours from hell living in the house joined onto his.  Despite having a dangerous house fire which destroyed the bathroom, they continued to live there, using the garden for a toilet, and drinking alcohol night (and day).  John writes (emphasis added).......

A Sceptic Writes.”

I would like to take the opportunity to talk about the work of David Angel and how it helped me last year. I am not a massive believer in the magic arts by any means, but last year I had a bad experience regarding three unpleasant next door neighbours who had made my life stressful through the two thirds of 2007. After all the “official” channels had let me down I felt I had nothing to lose by waving the magic wand as it were. It would be an inexpensive exercise and it couldn’t possibly have made my circumstances any worse at that point.”

David was kind enough to show me a few basic spells to remove my troublesome neighbours in the most diplomatic ways possible, and to protect my own property and all contained within into the bargain. The spells were easy to learn and convenient to practice. In fact they were very enjoyable to practice, partly because of the personal element you bring to them as an individual – we all cast our spells in our own ways.”

The results were that within a week two of the neighbours were gone and the remaining individual became a considerably lesser problem until his eventual departure a couple of months later. I also found the home protection spell to be remarkable. The house next door was left in a state of severe disrepair and has been a target for many vandals but none have so much as scratched my windows or climbed my fences. My own property is by no means inaccessible to next door. I continue to practice the home protection spell on a regular basis, to great success.”

I repeat that I would recommend the magic of David Angel to anyone. It’s inexpensive and you have nothing to lose and potentially so much to gain. Most importantly it’s easy to follow and use. Believe me if I can learn these spells and make them work then anyone can!!”

And as if all that isn't enough, I've noticed since “How to Cast Real Spells” was first published, that the on line forums have had a lot of questions about using magic to change how others see you.  So the new edition includes as an extra:

“How to Cast Magical Glamours”

So that you can use your new found magical powers to change how people actually perceive you.  Want to be more attractive? More confident? In short, how to get people to see you however you want.

And …..  because once you're on the magical path, you'll want to develop your skills to make life run even smoother, I've also included:

“How to Talk to the Magic Inside You

and Overcome Your Limitations”

which I wrote because I was constantly getting questions about “overcoming limiting beliefs” and wanted to clarify why this isn't necessary in the short term to get what you want.  This section also includes:


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