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From time to time I’ll add links that should be of interest to magical practitioners:

First of all - one I came across today.  Vital stuff for UK pagans as the Church of England goes on the offensive about Halloween fun. Given the widespread resources of the Anglican communion and their influence around the world this is important information  wherever you live

There’s some good stuff on magic, creative visualization, personal development on this site.

Important news for anyone on the magical scene.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.  Here are the people who are looking after the rights of the magical community in the face of those who would take freedom away from us - help if you can.

A lively and informed occult bulletin board for initiates to discuss technique

Want to work with God forms?  This wonderful site catalogues Gods from around the world and through the ages.  A great starting point for research.

A lot of fantastic background material here from the only man in the world with a degree in magic from a real university, sadly now deceased and much missed.