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Notice for Skeptics/Authorities

Magic is part of millions of people’s religion and those people have a right to speak about it, discuss its effects and buy and sell related goods and services just as subscribers to any other belief (including that of scientific materialism) have.

The services offered here are offered in the belief that they are of use and work, even if you don't think they do.

I would ask that you respect people's right to live how they choose and leave us alone to get on with our own lives, as we do you.

That said, while orthodox churches are permitted to flout the law with impunity by the authorities in this regard, it is necessary to state (in order to comply with the law):

All services offered on this site are for entertainment only, and as such no liability is accepted for the outcome of any of these services.

If you request that a spell be cast on your behalf, it is in the understanding that you are paying for the performance of the spell, not the results.  The experience and knowledge of the practitioner shall be the arbiter of whether a spell is traditional, bespoke, or appropriate.

Clearly, readings and spell castings are no substitute for professional advice from qualified, certified professionals such as doctors, lawyers, financial advisers etc. and you must decide for yourself what actions you take in your life and assume responsibility for the outcome.  After all, it is your life.