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Clearly, being able to deal with the challenges of life is an important skill, and practicing magic can be a tremendous help in solving life's problems.

Mastering spell casting is the best way out of a lot of problems.  Hence this site.

While interesting, exciting things frequently happen when magic is brought into play, most often things just “work out” your way (and often after looking like they aren't going to).

I occasionally accept commissions to work magic for individuals.  But this is necessarily a rare event as I am extremely pressed for time.  Also, I only do this for people who have a realistic understanding of what can be achieved with magic.

Magic works (usually) by changing the likelihood of events going your way, and commonly  (but not always) manifests through mundane channels.

So, a spell for money may simply mean that you get offered overtime where none was available before, or the chance to sell something you no longer need, or some other mundane seeming event which just happens to solve your problem.  And, it MAY just mean you win something. It's not unknown.

Similarly, a spell to gain love won't help if you're not out there looking, if you never ask anyone out, and if you haven't washed in weeks etc.

I could go on.

I was approached by a man I knew some years ago who had unintentionally helped someone break the law and was reported for prosecution by the police.  Because he was technically guilty, but had only done what most people had done in the same situation, and had not intended to break any laws (or even to assist the offender in doing so), I believed that a conviction would be unfair and a spell was justified.

Shortly after casting the spell, the prosecution was dropped because someone in the legal system had forgotten to file paperwork before the legal deadline.  Result.

Some people just don't understand what is and isn't possible though.  For example:

I was asked to help a man win $4m (he wasn't greedy, he explained) in a lottery taking place the following weekend.  He then wanted to find a mansion, buy it AND move into it by the end of the week after that.  How ridiculous.  I mean, even if he'd won the lottery, cheque clearing and property purchase legal processes all take far more time than this. This man had little grip on reality and I could not help him.

And sometimes, nothing happens.  If we understood it perfectly, it wouldn't be magic would it?

If you would like a spell casting on your behalf, please contact me at the email address below and I'll look at it.  I must stress though that for time pressure reasons it is quite rare for me to be able to help.

Some of the methods I use to help are:

1. Readings for help and advice and to sort out what may lay behind the problem

2. Candle burning

3. A personalized talisman to help in the situation

4. Defixio (an ancient Roman/Greek form of magic)

5. Charging a piece of jewelry for you (either your own, or a symbolic item bought for you)

6. Other methods as appropriate

I am aware that you may have heard of people being taken for a ride by con-artists who offer this kind of service then keep coming back for more and more cash to fix the problem which has inexplicably got more complicated than you could ever have imagined.  I wholeheartedly promise that this is not the case here.

Remember, if you're think you're cursed, you probably aren't.  See here and follow the advice.  It will fix most problems of this type.

I absolutely reserve the right to refuse any requests.

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